Canadian Hearing Society (CHS)

Canadian Hearing Society (CHS) is a non-profit organization that provides services and support to individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing in Canada. The organization aims to enhance accessibility, communication, and independence for individuals with hearing loss.


1. What services does the Canadian Hearing Society offer?
The Canadian Hearing Society offers a wide range of services, including sign language interpreting, employment support, communication devices and technology, counselling, and community education programs.

2. Who can benefit from the services provided by the Canadian Hearing Society?
The Canadian Hearing Society’s services are designed to benefit individuals who are deaf, deafened, or hard of hearing. These services can be availed by individuals of all age groups.

3. How can I access services from the Canadian Hearing Society?
To access their services, you can contact the Canadian Hearing Society through their website or call their helpline. They will guide you through the process and connect you with the appropriate services based on your needs.

4. Are the services provided by the Canadian Hearing Society free of charge?
While some services provided by the Canadian Hearing Society are offered free of charge, others may have a fee associated with them. The costs may vary depending on the type of service being provided and individual circumstances.

5. Can the Canadian Hearing Society help with communication barriers in the workplace?
Yes, the Canadian Hearing Society offers employment support services to assist both employees and employers with communication barriers in the workplace. They provide solutions such as workplace accommodations, sign language interpretation, and assistive listening devices.