Canadian Paraplegic Association (CPA)

DEFINITION: Canadian Paraplegic Association (CPA) is a national non-profit organization in Canada that works towards improving the lives of individuals with spinal cord injuries and other physical disabilities.


1. What services does the Canadian Paraplegic Association (CPA) provide?
The CPA provides a wide range of services including support programs, advocacy, community initiatives, and resources for individuals with spinal cord injuries and physical disabilities. They offer assistance in areas such as accessibility, independent living, employment, and navigating the healthcare system.

2. Who can benefit from the services offered by the CPA?
The CPA’s services are available to anyone in Canada living with a spinal cord injury or physical disability. They aim to support individuals of all ages and backgrounds, helping them maximize their independence, inclusion, and overall quality of life.

3. How can I get involved with the Canadian Paraplegic Association (CPA)?
There are various ways to get involved with the CPA. You can volunteer your time, participate in fundraising events, donate to support their programs, or become a member. By getting involved, you can contribute to the CPA’s mission of empowering individuals with disabilities and creating a more inclusive society.

4. Are there local branches of the Canadian Paraplegic Association (CPA)?
Yes, the CPA has local branches throughout Canada. These branches play a vital role in delivering programs and services at a community level. They provide a range of resources and support tailored to the specific needs of individuals in their respective regions.

5. How can I contact the Canadian Paraplegic Association (CPA)?
You can contact the CPA by visiting their official website, where they have contact information for their national office and local branches. They also have helpline services and may be reachable through phone or email for inquiries and assistance.