Disability Credit Canada Reviews

DEFINITION: Disability Credit Canada is a company that assists individuals in Canada with the process of applying for the Disability Tax Credit (DTC) and other related benefits.

1. What is the Disability Tax Credit (DTC)?
The Disability Tax Credit is a non-refundable tax credit in Canada that provides financial support to individuals with disabilities or their caregivers to help offset the costs associated with their disability.

2. How can Disability Credit Canada help me with the DTC application?
Disability Credit Canada specializes in guiding individuals through the complex application process for the Disability Tax Credit. They can help determine if you meet the eligibility criteria, complete the necessary paperwork, and advocate for your case with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).

3. Is Disability Credit Canada a government agency?
No, Disability Credit Canada is not a government agency. It is a private company that offers assistance and advocacy services to individuals applying for the Disability Tax Credit.

4. Are there any upfront fees for using Disability Credit Canada’s services?
Disability Credit Canada offers a free initial consultation to assess your eligibility for the Disability Tax Credit. If you decide to proceed with their services, they charge a fee for their assistance, which is generally a percentage of the benefits you receive.

5. Can Disability Credit Canada guarantee successful DTC applications?
While Disability Credit Canada boasts a high success rate, they cannot guarantee the approval of every application. The final decision rests with the CRA, but Disability Credit Canada can greatly increase your chances of a successful application through their expertise and guidance.

6. Can Disability Credit Canada help with retroactive claims?
Yes, Disability Credit Canada can help with retroactive claims for the Disability Tax Credit. If you believe you were eligible for the credit in previous years but did not claim it, they can assist in filing for retroactive benefits.

7. What other benefits can Disability Credit Canada help with?
In addition to the Disability Tax Credit, Disability Credit Canada can help individuals with other related benefits such as the Child Disability Benefit (CDB) and the Registered Disability Savings Plan (RDSP). They can provide information, guidance, and support throughout the application process for these benefits as well.