IME – Independent Medical Examination: An IME is a medical evaluation conducted by a qualified healthcare professional who is not involved in the direct care of the patient. It is typically requested by a third party, such as an insurer, employer, or attorney, to assess the individual’s medical condition, treatment, and disabled status.

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What is an Independent Medical Examination (IME)?


FAQ 1: Why would someone need an IME?
Answer: An IME may be requested to gather an unbiased opinion about the individual’s medical condition, the necessity of ongoing treatment, or the extent of their disability. It helps to resolve disputes related to insurance claims, workers’ compensation, personal injury cases, and more.

FAQ 2: Who typically requests an IME?
Answer: Various parties can request an IME, including insurers, employers, attorneys, or sometimes even the individual themselves. It is often done to obtain an impartial assessment of the individual’s medical condition when there are disagreements or uncertainties about their health.

FAQ 3: What happens during an IME?
Answer: During an IME, the individual undergoes a thorough medical assessment by a healthcare professional who is not involved in their direct care. The doctor examines their medical history, performs a physical examination, reviews relevant medical records, and may conduct additional tests if necessary.

FAQ 4: Can the individual’s personal doctor attend the IME?
Answer: Typically, the individual’s personal doctor does not attend the IME. The purpose of an IME is to obtain an independent opinion from a healthcare professional who is not biased or previously involved in the individual’s treatment.

FAQ 5: How are the results of an IME used?
Answer: The results of an IME are used to provide an expert opinion on the individual’s medical condition, treatment, and disability. These evaluations often serve as a basis for making decisions regarding insurance claims, workers’ compensation settlements, legal proceedings, or determining the individual’s ability to return to work.

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