Job modification


Job Modification – Job modification refers to the process of making adjustments or changes to the tasks, responsibilities, or conditions of a job to better accommodate an employee’s limitations or needs. It typically involves making reasonable accommodations to support the employee’s performance and ensure equal opportunities within the workplace.


1. What is the purpose of job modification?
– The purpose of job modification is to enable employees with disabilities, health conditions, or other limitations to perform their job effectively by making necessary adjustments or accommodations to their role, tasks, or working conditions.

2. Who can request a job modification?
– Any employee who requires adjustments or accommodations due to a disability, medical condition, or any other limitation can request job modification. This includes both new hires and existing employees.

3. What types of adjustments can be made during job modification?
– Adjustments during job modification can vary based on individual needs but may include changes to job tasks, hours of work, location, equipment, or work environment to ensure the employee can perform their job effectively and without discrimination.

4. Is job modification only applicable to permanent employees?
– No, job modification can also be requested by temporary or contract employees who face limitations or have disabilities. All employees, regardless of their employment status, have the right to request reasonable accommodations within their job roles.

5. How can an employee request job modification?
– Employees can request job modification by initiating a conversation with their supervisor or human resources department. It is recommended to provide relevant documentation regarding the limitation or disability and propose specific accommodations to facilitate the discussion and decision-making process.