Quitting Job While On Short-Term Disability Canada

DEFINITION: Quitting Job while on Short-Term Disability (Canada)
Quitting a job while on short-term disability refers to the act of voluntarily resigning from one’s employment while receiving benefits under a short-term disability plan in Canada. This decision can have various implications and should be carefully considered.


1. Can I quit my job while on short-term disability?
Yes, you have the right to quit your job while on short-term disability. However, it is important to consult with your employer and understand any potential consequences or implications before making this decision.

2. Will quitting affect my short-term disability benefits?
Quitting your job may impact your eligibility for short-term disability benefits. Generally, these benefits are provided to individuals who are temporarily unable to work due to a medical condition. It is advisable to review your specific policy or consult with your employer or insurance provider to determine the impact on your benefits.

3. Do I need to repay any benefits if I quit while on short-term disability?
If you quit your job while receiving short-term disability benefits, you may be required to repay any overpayment of benefits received during that period. It is best to clarify this with your employer or insurance provider to avoid potential complications.

4. Can my employer terminate my employment while I’m on short-term disability?
While you are on short-term disability, your employer may still have the right to terminate your employment under certain circumstances. Employers must follow relevant labor laws and adhere to any obligations outlined in your employment contract or collective agreement.

5. How does quitting on short-term disability affect my long-term disability coverage?
If you have long-term disability coverage, quitting your job on short-term disability may impact your eligibility for long-term disability benefits. It is wise to understand the implications of your decision and consult with your insurance provider or legal counsel for advice.

6. Can I claim Employment Insurance (EI) after quitting on short-term disability?
In most cases, voluntarily quitting your job may disqualify you from receiving Employment Insurance (EI) benefits. However, there may be exceptions or specific circumstances where you could still be eligible. It is essential to check with the relevant authorities or consult an EI expert for accurate information.

7. What other options should I consider before deciding to quit on short-term disability?
Before deciding to quit your job while on short-term disability, explore other options that may be available to you. This could include requesting accommodations, speaking to a healthcare professional about your condition, or seeking legal advice to understand your rights and potential alternatives.