Statistics Canada Disability Survey

Statistics Canada Disability Survey is a comprehensive survey conducted by Statistics Canada, the national statistical agency of Canada, to gather data and information about individuals with disabilities in the country. The survey aims to quantify and analyze the prevalence, characteristics, and impact of disabilities on individuals in various aspects of their lives, including employment, education, and access to services.


1. What is the purpose of the Statistics Canada Disability Survey?
The purpose of the Statistics Canada Disability Survey is to collect data and information about individuals with disabilities in order to better understand their needs, challenges, and experiences. This data is crucial for policymakers, researchers, and organizations to develop programs, policies, and initiatives that support inclusivity and address the specific needs of individuals with disabilities.

2. Who is included in the survey?
The Statistics Canada Disability Survey includes individuals of all ages who have disabilities. These disabilities can be physical, mental, sensory, or cognitive in nature. The survey aims to capture information from individuals living in households and collective dwellings across Canada.

3. How is the survey conducted?
The survey is conducted through a combination of in-person interviews, telephone interviews, and self-completed questionnaires. Trained interviewers from Statistics Canada approach selected households or individuals to collect the necessary information. Participants have the option to complete the survey online or request assistance if needed.

4. What kind of information does the survey collect?
The Statistics Canada Disability Survey collects information on various aspects related to disabilities, including the types of disabilities individuals have, their daily activities, employment status, education level, income, and access to support services. This information helps in understanding the prevalence and impact of disabilities in different domains of life.

5. Is participation in the survey mandatory?
Participation in the survey is voluntary. However, the data collected through the survey is vital for accurate statistical representation and informs policies and decisions related to disability support and services. Therefore, participation is strongly encouraged to ensure comprehensive and reliable data.

6. How often is the survey administered?
The Statistics Canada Disability Survey is conducted periodically, typically every five to ten years. The frequency of the survey allows for monitoring changes in disability prevalence and demographics over time, highlighting trends and patterns within the population.

7. How is the privacy and confidentiality of participants ensured?
Statistics Canada maintains strict privacy and confidentiality standards. All data collected through the survey is anonymized and aggregated to ensure individual identities are protected. The agency follows the provisions of the Statistics Act, which safeguards the confidentiality of respondents and prohibits the release of any individually identifiable information.