Functional Abilities Evaluations

The Goal

The goals of an FAE, and its measurable results, can be utilized for such purposes as comparing a client’s pre-injury work status with their current functional tolerances in performing the duties of their job.

Additionally, FAE’s can be utilized to address issues with housekeeping/home maintenance tasks, as well as caregiving responsibilities.

A Cognitive Functional Abilities Evaluation is an objective assessment of work-related executive function (i.e. memory, attention, ability to plan and organize, emotional control, etc.) that uses standardized assessment and observation of functional/work simulation activities in order to determine an individual’s work capacity and to determine strengths and limitations with regard to cognitive functioning in conjunction with the cognitive demands of the individual’s job. 

Our Certified Kinesiologists, Chiropractor and Occupational Therapists are trained using the state of the art objective testing protocols.

RIDM provides Mobile Assessment Units

FAE reports are designed to objectively determine a client’s ability to function. Objective assessment measures include:

  • testing for positional tolerances (sitting, standing and walking);
  • strength tolerances (lifting, carrying and pushing/pulling);
  • dexterity (fingering, handling, feeling), and
  • endurance (aerobic capacity).

RIDM can provide mobile assessment units in areas that are not accessible to fixed locations. All protocols are standardized, thus ensuring uniformity in our services.

We offer one, two, or three day functional testing.