Independent Medical Evaluations (IME’s) and Insurer Examinations (IE’s)

IMEs performed by experts

An independent medical evaluation is an objective, third-party medical (or allied health) examination that may be requested by:

  • Insurance companies
  • HR departments
  • Legal firms
  • Benefits providers
  • Employers

The goal is to obtain an independent opinion of the clinical status of an individual following an automobile accident, workplace incident, or the development of an illness that significantly interferes with typical functioning.

The term IME is also used interchangeably between Independent Medical Examination and Independent Medical Evaluation.

IME’s / IE’s are performed when an expert unbiased and detailed medical assessment is required.

Our extensive national network of assessors in all specialties across Canada allows us to provide you with appointments tailored to your particular assessment needs.

IME Appointments - FAST

  • Booked within 4 hours of referral,
  • Confirmation of appointment dates and times provided to referral source immediately upon booking.
  • Appointment dates secured within whatever timeframes stipulated by the referral source.

Accurate quote for all assessments provided upon request.

Physician Opportunities

Interested in joining our team of independent medical professionals conducting Independent Medical Evaluations (IMEs) across Canada?

Our network values expertise, integrity, and impartiality, catering to a diverse clientele including employers, insurance companies, and legal professionals.

If you are a healthcare specialist committed to upholding the highest standards in medical assessment and disability management, explore how you can become a vital part of our team, shaping the landscape of healthcare assessments in Canada.

IME Insights

  • Purpose: IMEs serve as neutral evaluations to determine health status, capabilities, and recovery progress.
  • Scope: Ranges from physical, psychiatric, psychological, to neuropsychological assessments.
  • Impact: Influences crucial decisions related to claims, legal outcomes, and work accommodations.

Conducting an IME

  • Who Performs an IME? Qualified professionals without a prior therapeutic relationship with the examinee ensure unbiased findings.
  • The IME Process: Typically involves document review, physical assessment, and detailed reporting, focusing on objective and fair evidence within the expert’s area of expertise.
  • Virtual vs. In-Person: Adapting to needs and circumstances, IMEs can be conducted remotely, leveraging technology while maintaining thoroughness.